Robert J. Becerra of Becerra Law, P.A., Board Certified by the Florida Bar as an expert inInternational Law, authored, “The Black Market Peso Exchange and the Small Exporter”, published in theWinter 2015 issue of the Florida Bar International Law Section’s magazine, “International Law Quarterly”.The article examines the Black Market Peso Exchange and other informal value transfer systems, as theyrelate to trade-based money laundering and the small U.S. exporter. The article also discusses “red flags”for trade-based money laundering and how the U.S. exporter can get unwittingly involved in moneylaundering, including its civil and criminal consequences, through getting paid for its exports by wiretransfers from U.S.and international banks. The International Law Quarterly is the official publication ofthe Florida Bar International Law Section. The International Law Quarterly may be accessed online at http://internationallawsection.org/international-law-quarterly-winter-2015/.

Becerra  Appears  on  Panel at an Import/export Emerging Entrepreneurs Event Sponsored by Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF).