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Man pleads guilty to federal crimes after Florida arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

If someone from Florida were to be arrested, they would likely feel a great deal of anxiety over a lack of knowledge of the criminal justice system and their future, especially if they have little experience with the process. That anxiety is difficult to fathom for someone arrested from out-of-the country with little to no knowledge of laws in United States. In fact, a man from another country has recently pleaded guilty to federal crimes.

The case involves an allegation of a violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). Federal law enforcement officers say that a 45-year-old man was working to smuggle illegal equipment out of the country. He was reportedly taken into custody when he landed in Florida to complete the transaction that federal prosecutors allege is illegal.

According to reports, the man was working to smuggle a Solar Mars 90 S turbine core engine to Iran. The equipment could be used in oil fields to provide energy; the equipment was valued at $500,000. The transport, according to law enforcement officers, was in violation of an embargo on Iran.

Another man connected with the case was previously convicted of charges and sentenced to 40 months in prison for conspiring with the man. This, in combination with statements made by federal prosecutors regarding their desire to use the case to send a message about similar acts, would likely have prompted the man to think seriously about his options and the potential outcomes of each and could have impacted his decision to plead guilty; reports indicate that he faces up to 30 years behind bars as a result of the charges against him. Unfortunately, even people from this country feel unprepared to make such decisions without having an experienced Florida attorney carefully evaluate all of the elements of their case and provide guidance on the best options for the individual circumstance.