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Unparalleled Representation In International Trade Litigation

Last updated on October 2, 2023

At Becerra Law, P.A., we know that international trade disputes can thin the lifeblood of your business. A conflict in this arena has the ability to detract from your time, income, strategic focus and global reputation. We strive to resolve every conflict you face with the precision and celerity your business needs to maintain its success.

Expertise On Which You Can Rely

Attorney Robert Becerra is a Florida Bar board-certified specialist in international law. His expert understanding of international trade and experience in resolving related disputes has made him a leader in the international commerce community.

With Attorney Becerra in your corner, you can rest assured that he will obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. Your bottom line and your ability to continue operations profitably and lawfully are our primary focus.

Face Any Dispute With Confidence

Our attorney is admitted to practice before many different types of courts, government agencies and international trade organizations. His professional background and extensive experience advocating on behalf of a diverse array of clients provide the foundation for exceptional assistance in a broad spectrum of issues, including:

  • Trademark and trade dress infringement
  • Customs seizures and delays
  • Corporate compliance concerns
  • Disputes between exporters and importers
  • Cargo loss
  • Civil and criminal forfeiture
  • Seizures and detentions related to CBP or FDA actions
  • Investigation advisement for FDA or criminal proceedings

Attorney Becerra has advised and represented corporations from various industries over the course of his decades-long career. His counsel has helped numerous businesses avoid potentially damaging decisions.

Whether your corporation seeks to use litigation as a preemptive action or as a final line of defense, attorney Robert Becerra will represent you with the ferocity and efficiency your business deserves. With every client he represents, our attorney creates custom strategies that reflect the unique stakes each entity faces.

Quell International Trade Conflicts With Conviction

To learn more about how you can put attorney Becerra’s expertise to work for you, discuss your disputes with us in an initial consultation. Email us through our secure online form or call us at 786-401-4897 to book an appointment and see why hundreds of businesses have put their faith in Robert Becerra.