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The right defense essential if charged with a white-collar crime

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | White-Collar Crimes |

When a Florida defendant is facing criminal charges, he or she knows that a conviction could come with the potential for time behind bars and other penalties. Even in non-violent cases, such as whitecollar criminal cases, the potential penalties include jail time, steep fines and consequences that can affect one for the rest of his or her life. For these types of federal cases, the right defense is essential in order to effectively confront the prosecution’s case.  

What is whitecollar crime? 

Whitecollar crime is criminal activity that uses various forms of fraud or deception for financial gain. It can happen on a corporate level, such as when a company misrepresents earnings for the benefit of investors. It can also happen on an individual level, such as when someone commits tax fraud on his or her personal income taxes. These cases are taken very seriously by the federal government.  

Whitecollar cases are financially complex and difficult to investigate. It can take years to develop a case, and often several government organizations will have to work together during this stage. Any individual charged with a whitecollar offense will find it beneficial to protect his or her rights, even if formal charges have not yet been filed or a court date has not been set. 

Fighting for the future 

It requires skill, experience and extensive knowledge of the law to effectively defend against white-collar criminal chargesAnyone under investigation or facing these types of allegations would be wise to move quickly to build a strong defense strategy. To begin this process, it is helpful to reach out to a defense attorney as soon as possible for an explanation of rights and options.