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Are you prepared for international trade disputes?

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Dealing with anything on an international level is typically much more complicated than at a domestic level. In today’s global market, many Florida businesses have few other choices than to operate internationally, source products from overseas or otherwise interact with the international market in some capacity. While this can be great for business, it does leave you open to international trade disputes. 

Common international trade disputes 

International disputes can cover a wide range of issues that may touch on every aspect of business from advertising to importing and selling products. While many may seem similar to domestic disputes, they often require a specialized approach. Some of the most common examples of international trade disputes include: 

  • Cargo loss 
  • Corporate compliance issues 
  • Criminal and civil forfeiture 
  • Customs delays and seizures 
  • Export and import disputes 
  • Trademark infringements 

This is far from an exhaustive list of international disputes that you might encounter as a business owner. While you may do your best to prepare for any possibility, you already have your business’ daily operations resting on your shoulder. This means that the likelihood of facing a dispute for which you feel unprepared is not that small. 

The most important thing to remember is that international trade litigation does not have to derail your business. However, it does have the potential to significantly impact your business, so it is important that you understand the severity of whatever dispute you are currently facing. You can also learn more about dealing with international trade disputes in Florida by visiting our website.