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2 accused of identity theft and fraud in Florida

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | White-Collar Crimes |

After uncovering evidence of financial discrepancies, companies in Florida and elsewhere may wish to take every possible measure to address the issues at hand and rectify the situation. When companies search for someone to blame, they may point fingers at employees who had access to company funds. A recent investigation into financial discrepancies at a bank in Florida has reportedly left two employees facing identify theft and fraud charges. 

Investigation into discrepancies 

The investigation reportedly began after the company discovered evidence of the possible presence of fraudulent activity at the facility. While few details about this investigation were provided, reports state that two employees at the bank were subsequently accused of identity theft and fraud. Investigators claim that one of the employees reached out to co-workers at the bank and convinced at least one other person to help carry out fraudulent behavior. 

The two men stand accused of using client information to make illegal withdrawals from client accounts. The bank claims these employees stole as much as $165,000 from numerous accounts in the process. Authorities have advised that both men have been taken into custody and both face numerous charges in relation to the investigation. 

Understanding the options 

It is no secret that a conviction for identity theft and fraud charges carries severe consequences that could take a significant toll on a person’s future. When facing similar charges, a person Florida could choose to consult with an attorney for guidance on his or her legal rights and available options and on how best to approach the situation. An attorney can help a client make informed choices about his or her options and if a conviction cannot be avoided, assist in creating a strategy with which to seek a lesser sentence during court proceedings.