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Federal fraud charges filed against Florida art dealer

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

The market for artistic works remains ever relevant and collectors of art may be willing to spend a small fortune to obtain original works. While art dealers might make a living obtaining and selling pieces, it might not be uncommon for questions to arise about the authenticity of these items. An art dealer in Florida is reportedly facing federal fraud charges after being accused of selling knockoffs of artwork.

Allegations of fraud

No details were provided as to how authorities came to suspect the art dealer was selling knockoffs of original artworks. However, reports indicate that federal agents have already confiscated boxes worth of inventory from his shop. They claim to have learned that the man was buying replicas of famous pieces of art online and then turning around and selling them as originals.

The man also stands accused of creating certificates to help make the pieces appear authentic in nature. Authorities assert that he has obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent sales through similar methods. He is currently facing federal charges for art fraud, and a conviction for similar charges carries severe penalties that could have a devastating impact on his life.

Federal fraud charges

When facing federal fraud charges, the average person might lack the necessary legal knowledge to know how best to respond to the allegations. Those who stand accused of similar offenses and wish to seek insight in making informed choices about their situations might benefit from speaking with an attorney as soon as possible for guidance. An attorney in Florida can examine the charges and evidence against a client and assist in creating a strong defense for use during subsequent court proceedings.