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Florida woman stands accused of identity theft and tax fraud

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | White-Collar Crimes |

Many companies feel it’s vital to keep thorough financial records. Should any issues arise in this area, they may be left in search of someone to blame. Being the subject of an investigation into unlawful behavior can be stressful enough as is, and a conviction of charges such as fraud and identity theft carries serious penalties that could have a devastating impact on one’s life. A recent investigation into an alleged tax scheme has reportedly left a woman in Florida accused of tax fraud and identity theft. 

Reports of the investigation 

Law enforcement agents claim that the investigation began after they uncovered a tax scheme that led to the theft of millions of dollars. According to reports, the woman stands accused of hacking internet marketplace accounts and stealing sensitive information from numerous parties. She allegedly used this information to file a multitude of fraudulent tax documents. 

Investigators claim the woman and her alleged conspirators initiated a scheme to steal login information from numerous businesses. These individuals allegedly used this information to steal up to $5 million. Reports indicate that she is facing numerous charges in relation to this investigation, including identity theft and wire and tax fraud. 

Seeking guidance on one’s options 

Those who face allegations of tax fraud and identity theft might not always have the necessary legal experience to know how best to respond to the situation. When similar issues arise, a person in Florida could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney as soon as possible for advice on his or her legal rights and available options. An attorney can work toward protecting a client’s rights, provide insight into making informed choices about his or her situation, and assist in creating a strategy with which to pursue the best outcome achievable given the circumstances at hand.