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Customs delays could lead to intense international trade disputes

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There may be many companies that operate on an international level and rely on these transactions to promote growth and pursue success. While there may be a variety of potential benefits involved with similar endeavors, companies may also face certain challenges along the way, some of which could pose a threat to the well-being of a Florida business. Customs delays continue to be a common source of international trade disputes and such issues can take a devastating toll on the well-being of a company. 

What might lead to customs delays? 

There are numerous types of issues that might prompt customs delays and the rules and regulations for shipping and receiving items may vary in each location. Experts indicate that failing to include necessary documentation or providing inaccurate information could prompt potentially costly delays. For instance, delays may occur if companies fail to include invoice information on letterheads when shipping items, as this may be a requirement of customs agencies in certain countries.    

Import and export paperwork can also be complex at times and errors in filling out paperwork could also lead to customs delays. Issues with incorrect currency codes and tax identification numbers may also prove common concerns in international trade endeavors. Customs agencies may also raise concerns over topics such as issues with HTS code errors or inaccurate descriptions of products on invoices. 

Disputes over customs delays 

Encountering international trade disputes involving similar matters can be stressful and frustrating in any situation and delays of this nature can prove costly at times. Business owners in Florida who face such concerns and wish to protect their legal rights and interests could benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance on the best course of action to take. An attorney can help a client understand the available options and assist in preparing to seek the best outcome achievable regarding the future of his or her business.