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Former employee accused of embezzling $3 million

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2023 | White-Collar Crimes |

Employees who are tasked with managing company finances may take on significant responsibilities and a certain level of risk in the process. Should a company encounter inconsistencies in financial records, the ones who were responsible for handling such endeavors might be the first ones to blame, and being the subject of allegations of unlawful behavior can be harrowing. A woman in Florida could be in search of advice on her options after an investigation into allegations of theft has left her facing embezzlement charges. 

Allegations of theft 

According to reports, authorities say the investigation began after the company contacted them with claims of an embezzlement scheme. The company claimed to have discovered that a former employee who was responsible for overseeing its finances stole more than $3 million during her employment. She was accused of taking checks that were payable to company accounts and depositing them into other accounts that only she had control of. 

Authorities assert that the woman used her position to steal funds from company payroll accounts over a period of five years. They claim that she used fraudulent means to embezzle as much as $575,000 each year from these accounts during this time. Reports indicate that she was arrested and is currently facing numerous felony charges in relation to the investigation.  

Seeking guidance 

Facing embezzlement charges under such a scenario can be an intimidating process and those who face similar issues might not always understand their legal rights and available options. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Florida who can evaluate the situation a person is facing and provide much-needed guidance in preparing to make informed choices about his or her case. An attorney can help a client understand what is at stake and assist in preparing to seek the best outcome possible regarding his or her future by creating a strong defense for use during court proceedings.