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CBP allegedly violates agreement and seizes lawful imports

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Those in Florida and other states who have capitalized on the new and expanding medical marijuana and hemp industry know that competition is fierce. An entrepreneur has to be able to produce quality products quickly while remaining in compliance with state laws. This often means relying on state-of-the art machinery and equipment. Companies building that equipment often import supplies and machinery parts from other countries. One U.S. subsidiary of an international engineering company is dealing with customs seizures resulting in costly delays.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is facing a lawsuit from a company that manufactures agricultural equipment because the CBP seized machinery parts imported from Canada. The agency claims that the parts, which would help the company make vacuums and trimmers for hemp businesses, are considered drug paraphernalia. As of now, the state where the parts were seized is one of 40 that has legalized medical marijuana.

Customs agents violate agreement

The company that filed the lawsuit against USCBP claims the agency settled a similar lawsuit with them just last year. The company says it has provided sufficient evidence to the government to prove the parts and equipment CBP seized are coming through customs for a legitimate and lawful purpose. Spokespeople for the company also say the CBP has violated the terms of last year’s settlement by continuing to seize its imports.

Waiting for a shipment of important parts can be frustrating enough. To have to deal with customs seizures can cause a business to suffer irreparable delays and damages. It often becomes difficult to remain competitive in the national and global market when a business must be constantly fighting cargo seizures.