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Roku barred from importing in patent infringement case

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Roku devices are popular choices for streaming TV, movies and other forms of entertainment in Florida households. However, a judge recently ruled that Roku, Inc. used Universal Electronics Inc.’s intellectual property without permission. The judge ruled that certain Roku devices could no longer be imported into the United States due to patent infringement. 

Intellectual property violation 

The lawsuit primarily centered around older versions of several Roku devices, including the Roku Ultra and Soundbar. The suit alleged that those Roku devices were using Universal’s patented technology without permission. The U.S. International Trade Commission — ITC — ultimately agreed with Universal. Roku is now banned from importing the older version of these devices into the country. 

This does not mean that Florida consumers will no longer see Roku devices on the shelves. Prior to the ruling, Roku redesigned the offending devices so that they no longer use the patented technology that they did not have permission to use. Both the ban on imports for the older devices and the new devices’ redesign highlight just how beneficial a patent infringement claim can be for companies that are eager to protect their: 

  • Intellectual property 
  • Edge on the market 
  • Profits 

Intellectual property — especially when it is innovative — is often key to a company’s success. Any use of that intellectual property without permission can be harmful, and it is often necessary to take action to end the improper usage. Navigating patent infringement lawsuits on an international level can be challenging, though, and is often best pursued alongside a knowledgeable counsel.