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Understanding cargo theft and its mechanics

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2023 | International Trade Litigation |

Cargo theft is the unlawful act of stealing goods during their transportation from one location to another. It is a criminal activity that not only affects businesses financially, but also disrupts the economy and increases the cost of goods for consumers.

Mechanics of cargo theft

Cargo theft is a form of organized crime that can occur at various points along the supply chain. This can happen during loading, unloading, transit or storage. It is usually well-planned and needs a good understanding of how supply chains work.

Its mechanics involves criminals watching for vulnerable shipments. They learn about routes and security and then they find weak points to exploit. They might pretend to be real truck drivers or security personnel to steal shipments using fake documents.

After stealing the goods, they sometimes use temporary storage or online platforms to keep the stolen items. But the idea is that stolen goods are quickly taken to secret locations and sold in the black market. Sometimes, they can even trick legitimate businesses into unknowingly selling stolen items.

Preventing cargo theft

Businesses can take proactive measures to prevent cargo theft. They can:

  • Utilize advanced tracking and monitoring technologies
  • Conduct thorough employee background checks
  • Establish a secure transit route
  • Employ robust physical security measures

These are just examples. It is also a good strategy to foster strong partnerships with law enforcement agencies. Doing so can help them deter and respond effectively to potential theft incidents.

Recovering damages

To recover damages from cargo theft, businesses must file a police report as soon as they discover the theft. They must provide all available evidence and information about the incident. It is also crucial to notify their insurance provider at once and provide documentation of the stolen goods and any relevant details, such as their value and the associated costs relating to shipment.

If businesses want to pursue insurance or legal claims, it may be beneficial to consult with legal counsel. This can help them increase their chances of recovering damages resulting from cargo theft.

Cargo theft is a sophisticated and pervasive form of organized crime that can lead to significant financial losses and disrupt the supply chain. Understanding the mechanics of cargo theft can help businesses protect their shipments from these criminal activities.