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2014 -October

Robert J. Becerra of Becerra Law, P.A.  settled a civil forfeiture case in federal court in the Middle District of Florida which resulted in the federal government returning to Becerra Law’s client, an automobile exporter, 21 BMW vehicles worth over one million dollars, without the exporter having to pay any funds or storage costs to the  federal government.

The exporter’s vehicles were seized by the federal government from ports in New Jersey and California prior to their export to China due to allegations by the federal government that the vehicles had been acquired by auto brokers from BMW dealerships through a fraudulent scheme, although the dealerships were paid sticker price for the vehicles.  A civil forfeiture lawsuit was filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Fort Myers, Florida in order to forfeit the vehicles for these alleged violations of federal law. Becerra Law attorney Robert J. Becerra, representing the exporter, filed a claim to the vehicles and motions challenging the government’s case for forfeiture.  After negotiations, it was agreed by the parties that the case would be dismissed, no monies would be paid, and all 21 vehicles would be returned to the exporter. The Court dismissed the forfeiture case against the vehicles on October 7, 2014.

Robert J. Becerra Authors Article in  International Law Quarterly

Article Examines Adequate Forum Factor of Forum Non Conveniens Analysis in Florida’s State and Federal Courts